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Beyond Lithium (CSE:BY,OTCQB:BYDMF) is a mineral exploration company with the largest portfolio of greenfield lithium assets in Ontario, comprising 63 high-potential, greenfield lithium properties, including three significant discoveries, covering more than 198,000 hectares.

Adopting a project-generator model, Beyond Lithium is well-positioned to capitalize on the rapidly growing global need for lithium. Experts are predicting the global lithium market will reach US$22.6 billion by 2030. This demand for lithium offers investors several opportunities to capitalize on the global rush for the critical minerals required to propel both the EV industry and the clean energy transition. Adding to this opportunity is Canada’s designation of lithium as a critical mineral to support the country’s transition to clean technologies.

The company’s growth strategy is driven by four strategic pillars:

Quality assetsOntario-focused assets (while still open to other strategic jurisdictions)Financial disciplineFavorable share structure

Moving forward with the project-generator model, Beyond Lithium remains focused on advancing the most critical projects with its exploration team, while also seeking to option or joint venture other properties to various venture partners. This allows the company to maximize exploration dollars and minimize dilution.

“By adopting the project generator model, our shareholders will be exposed to multiple projects being advanced at once – hence increasing the likelihood of a discovery – with a significant portion of the exploration costs being incurred by our partners,” said Allan Frame, president and CEO.

“There are several compelling and strategic reasons to focus on Ontario. Ontario is quickly emerging as a reliable global supplier of responsibly sourced critical minerals. World-class deposits of high-purity, low-iron spodumene are currently being discovered and advanced toward production in Ontario. We are confident more of these deposits remain to be discovered here. While other jurisdictions such as Quebec have seen success, we feel the economics of transactions being done in Ontario being more compelling and conducive to creating shareholder value,” Frame added.

An expert management team with significant experience throughout the capital markets leads the company toward its goals, led by Mr. Frame, who brings 40 years of experience across the mining industry. Beyond Lithium has an excellent share structure, with insiders and founders owning about 50 percent of the company.

Beyond Lithium carried out the 2023 exploration in two phases:

Phase 1: assess the prospectivity of each of the projects based on geochemistry, structure, lithology, and mineralogy through systematical mapping and sampling. Phase 2: follow up on the results from the Phase 1 program and perform detailed mapping and sampling including stripping and channel sampling to delineate and to prioritize higher exploration areas and potential drill targets.

In the 2023 exploration season, Beyond Lithium successfully prospected 50 out of the 63 projects in the Phase 1 program. Based on the results from the Phase 1 program, Beyond Lithium has selected 18 Projects to advance for Phase 2 exploration.

In addition, Beyond Lithium has made three major discoveries in less than 6 months of field work in 2023:

Cosgrave Lake Project – brand new LCT Pluton discovery in the Georgia Lake DistrictVictory Project – spodumene-bearing pegmatites discovery along a 6 km long exploration corridorEar Falls Project – spodumene-bearing pegmatites discovery along a 13 km long exploration corridor

In August 2023, the company unveiled the discovery of a new LCT pegmatite stock – also known as a fertile pluton – at its Cosgrave Lake project. The discovery was named the Allan Graeme (AG) Pluton in recognition of those individuals who played a significant role in its discovery. The Cosgrave Lake project was one of the earlier projects being prospected as part of Beyond Lithium’s phase 1 program. Since the discovery of the AG Pluton, Beyond Lithium’s technical team continued exploring at the Cosgrave Lake Project and is able to establish a lithium associated minerals zonation and a fractionation zonation around the AG Pluton. In November, a grab sample from a pegmatite in the highly fractionated zone assayed up to 0.39% Li2O indicates the proximity to the potential discovery of a higher-grade lithium spodumene zone. The discovery of the AG Pluton and the indication of the proximity to the potential discovery of spodumene mineralization at the Cosgrave Lake project unlocks tremendous lithium exploration opportunities for Beyond Lithium. Based on the mapping and the regional geology of the area, the exploration corridor at the Cosgrave Lake Project is over 11 km in strike length and the 2023 exploration program has covered less than 10% footprint of the entire Project.

In September and October 2023, Beyond Lithium has made two spodumene discoveries that are located 100 km distance of each other.

The first spodumene discovery is at the Ear Falls Project covering more than 20,000 hectares, with grab samples returning up to 4.54 percent lithium oxide (Li2O) located 10 minutes away from the town of Ear Falls. In less than two months of field work since the discovery of the spodumene mineralization at Ear Falls in September 2023, the company completed its stripping and winkie-drilling program at the Wenasaga North Zone of the Ear Falls Spodumene Project to gather additional geological data and delineate and prioritize targets for the upcoming extensive drilling program. The Wenasaga North Zone only encompasses less than 1% of the footprint of the entire Project. Furthermore, the grab samples collected from the 2023 exploration program has effectively outlined a 13 km long exploration corridor at the Ear Falls Project and has uncovered the Sandy Creek West Zone on top of a 100m wide ridge that has an identical geochemical background as the Spodumene-bearing Wenasaga North Zone. In other words, the Sandy Creek West Zone has the same potential of hosting spodumene-bearing pegmatites as the Wenasaga North Zone.

The second spodumene discovery is the Victory Project which spans over 16,000 hectares located 40 kilometers east of Kenora and 70 kilometers west of Dryden. The company completed a detailed mapping and sampling program at the two spodumene pegmatites, the Bounty Gold and the Last Resort Pegmatites, on the Victory Project.

Beyond Lithium has submitted exploration permit applications for both the Ear Falls and the Victory Projects to the Ministry of Mines in Ontario to apply for stripping/trenching and drilling activities in 2024.

Company Highlights

Beyond Lithium is Canada’s only project generator dedicated to advancing the largest portfolio of lithium projects in Ontario.The company strives to maximize available funds to drive shareholder value through exploration projects and pursue joint venture partnerships to advance promising assets.A series of acquisitions in 2023 brought the company’s total portfolio to 63 high-potential, greenfield lithium properties covering over 198,000 hectares.Two projects (the Borland North and the Borland East) purchased by Patriot Lithium (ASX: PAT) in January 2024Beyond Lithium now has a significant position in every major lithium-cesium-tantalum (“LCT”) pegmatite district known in Ontario, making it the most significant greenfield lithium exploration company in the province.Two spodumene-bearing pegmatites system discovery at the Victory and the Ear Falls Projects that are located within 100km of each other. Brand-new LCT stock, the AG Pluton, discovery with pegmatites identified proximal to potential spodumene mineralization at the Cosgrave Lake Project in the Georgia Lake District. Significant exploration potential at the Victory (6 km), the Ear Falls (13 km), and the Cosgrave Lake (11 km) Projects totaling >30 km of exploration corridors in the three projects combined. Successfully completed the 2023 exploration season – prospected 50 projects and established fundamental geology and geochemistry for each of the 50 projects.Beyond Lithium’s insiders and founders have created an ideal share structure with ownership of approximately 50 percent of the company.An expert management team with expertise across the natural resources industry and capital markets that leads the company in driving improving shareholder value through the exploration and advancement of its significant portfolio of assets

Key Projects

Victory Spodumene Project

The Victory Project is comprised of the Victory Main (7,874 ha) and the Victory West (8,808 ha) Projects totaling 16,682 hectares in an area located in the Medicine Lake area near the towns of Vermilion Bay, Dryden and the city of Kenora. The Victory Project currently includes two spodumene-bearing pegmatites, the Bounty Gold Pegmatite and the Last Resort Pegmatite. These two spodumene-bearing pegmatites are 40 to 50 m wide and over 200-300 m exposed along strike on surface.

Project Highlights:

Excellent existing and nearby infrastructures. Substantial width and size for the spodumene-bearing pegmatites.Up to 5.11% Li2O at the Last Resort Pegmatite and up to 3.48% Li2O at the Bounty Gold Pegmatite from spodumene-bearing pegmatite grab samples.District scale synergy with the Ear Falls Spodumene Project and the Mavis Lake Group Projects (Satellite, Laval, Gullwing-tot, Webb East, Webb West, Temple Bay, Ogani Lake, and McKenzie Bay) as they are within 100 km of each other and three regionally significant lithium deposits.Significant exploration potential with a 6-kilometer-long structural controlled exploration trend between the Bounty Gold and the Last Resort Pegmatites for exploration.Over 40 km of untested exploration upside potential between the Victory Main and the Victory West claims supported by the regional subprovince boundary structure.

Ear Falls Spodumene Project

The Ear Falls Project (20,623 ha), previously referred to as the Wenasaga Project, is located right outside the town of Ear Falls, Ontario. Ear Falls has excellent infrastructure including highway and logging road access, power lines, services, and local labor. The Project is about 10 minutes’ drive away from the town of Ear Falls. In less than two months of field program in 2023, mapping/sampling/stripping/channel-sampling/winkie-drilling programs were completed at the Ear Falls Project primarily around the Wenasaga North Zone to gather geological data to enhance the exploration model and delineate more exploration and potential drilling targets at Ear Falls. Yet, the 2023 field work has only covered 1% of the footprint of the entire Ear Falls Project.

Project Highlights:

Discovered the Wenasaga North Zone, a spodumene-bearing pegmatites zone, with grab samples up to 4.54% Li2O.Discovered the Sandy Creek West Zone along a 100m wide ridge with grab samples from pegmatites outcrops assayed up to 0.4% Li2O.Reported that grab samples from the Sandy Creek West Zone are as highly fractionated as the spodumene samples collected from the Wenasaga North Zone.Confirmed a 13 kilometers long exploration structural controlled corridor with lithium mineralization.Delineated continuous higher-grade lithium zone enveloped by wider intervals through stripping and channel sampling.Completed an initial 7 short holes Winkie-drilling program that intercepted new subparallel pegmatite dyke at depth that was not exposed on surface previously.

Cosgrave Lake Project

The Cosgrave Lake Project (8,993 ha) is located in the Georgia Lake District. This district is an active and prolific lithium exploration area including:

Imagine Lithium’s (TSX-V: ILI) Jackpot Lithium Project which has a historical lithium resource in the Main zoneRock Tech Lithium’s (TSX-V: RCK) Georgia Lake Project which has published a lithium pre-feasibility study in 2022Balkan Mining’s (ASX: BMM) flagship Gorge Lithium Project.

Project Highlights:

Discovered a brand-new fertile lithium-cesium-tantalum (“LCT”) pluton, the Allen Graeme (“AG”) Pluton, which has a similar size to the other plutons in the Georgia Lake District and a comparable chemistry background to the source and the pluton of the Tanco lithium mine located at Bernie Lake, Manitoba.Established a mineral and fractionation zonation around the AG Pluton comparable to the MNW spodumene-bearing pegmatite’s mineral zonation located 2.8km north of the Cosgrave Lake Project.A grab sample returned with 0.39% Li2O (1,832ppm Li) and 2.77% Manganese (Mn) indicating the proximity to the potential discovery of a higher-grade lithium spodumene zone.Established an 11 km long exploration corridor around the AG Pluton based on mapping and sampling and regional geology.

Cosgrave Lake Project Exploration and Fractionation Trend

Other Projects in Prolific Districts

Beyond Lithium is the largest greenfield lithium player in Ontario. Many of its 63 properties show tremendous potential, with eight districts currently considered higher priority for near-term exploration or partnerships.

All of Beyond Lithium’s properties are greenfield projects that have not historically been explored for lithium (“Li”) or lithium-cesium-tantalum (“LCT”) pegmatites. The 2023 exploration program involves assessing and systematically sampling mapped pegmatite outcrops derived from available historical and regional data on all the projects, as well as identifying new pegmatite showings and locating prospective regional or terrane structures.

Besides the three projects with major discoveries made in 2023, the other 60 projects are grouped by districts where the projects in each district share a coherent regional geological background.


Frontier Lithium District

Seven projects in the Frontier Lithium District are located along the same regional structure that hosts the Pak and Spark lithium deposits owned by Frontier Lithium (FL.V):The PAK deposit has a probable mineral reserve of 4 MT averaging 1.79% Li2O; the deposit hosts a rare technical/ceramic grade spodumene with low inherent iron (below 0.1% Fe2O3). The Spark Deposit has a probable mineral reserve of 18 MT averaging 1.5% Li2O. A historical report about the region describes pegmatites up to 200 feet in width and other similarities between Frontier’s LCT pegmatites. In January 2024, two projects (the Borland North and the Borland East) were purchased by Patriot Lithium (ASX: PAT).

Case Lake District

The Case Lake District Projects are comprised of three projects, the Case Lake North (7,476 ha), the Case Lake South (2,711 ha), and the Stimson (1,631 ha), totaling 11,818 ha in area. The three projects have good access to most parts of the properties. The Case Lake North and the Case Lake South Projects are situated along trend of Power Metals Corp. (PWM.V) discovered spodumene-bearing pegmatites and next to RT Minerals (RTM.V) announced east-west trending pegmatitic dykes. The Stimson Project has nine historical drill holes completed in the southern part of the project hosted in the metavolcanic with one of the holes, PT 94-11, intercepted two intervals of 30m wide noting with “Pegmatite contains green feldspar with comments of “spodumene or microcline”.

Wisa Lake District

The Wisa Lake Project comprises of 6,666 ha in area is located in the southwest part of Ontario that can be accessed by trucks and ATVS (all terrane vehicles).

Dryden Mavis Lake District

Beyond Lithium has six projects in the Dryden Mavis Lake District Projects totaling 11,711 ha in area including the Webb West (625 ha), the Webb East (2,934 ha), the Laval (1,042 ha), the Gullwing-tot (645 ha), the Satellite (1,287 ha), and the Temple Bay (5,178 ha) projects located next to the Mavis Lake Lithium Project owned by Critical Resources (ASS: CRR) that has a defined resource of 8Mt at 1.07% Li2O. All six projects in this district can be easily accessed by trucks via nearby highway and are close to the town of Dryden, Ontario, with excellent existing infrastructures. The 2023 exploration program has identified a similar trend as the Mavis Lake Lithium’s overall pegmatites trend based on the elevated lithium and cesium from grab samples.

Superb District

The Superb District Projects are comprised of the Superb Project (2,321 ha), the Maytham Project (9,825 ha), the Sollas Project (6,521 ha), and the Linklater Project (2,504 ha) with access via logging roads. Regionally, the Superb District Projects are located along the English River and Winnipeg River subprovinces boundary as the main regional structure which has several fertile plutons and lithium occurrences identified along this region. This boundary zone has rare-element mineralization discovered over a 130 km long corridor between the Linklater Lake Project and the Superb Lake Project including Green Technology Metals (ASX: GT1) Seymour Lake and Junior Lake Projects and Rockedge’s (RDGE.V) Superb Lake Project with spodumene pegmatites grading 1.77% to 4.03% Li2O. More importantly, the rare-element mineralization in this region has not been investigated in detail since the 1950s with the exception of the Superb Lake spodumene pegmatite (Stott and Parker 1997). In the 2023 exploration season, Beyond Lithium deployed field team prospecting all four projects and was able to identify pegmatites on each of the projects. The pegmatites samples returned with elevated anomalous lithium >50ppm clusters running subparallel to the regional structure or the subprovince boundary.

Management Team

Allan Frame – President and CEO

Allan Frame serves as president and chief executive officer at Beyond Lithium. Frame has extensive experience in the financial industry, spending 47 years with various Canadian investment dealers. During his career, he has successfully underwritten or participated in raising several hundred millions of dollars for junior resource companies, primarily in the mining sector. Frame also acts as director of business development for DLP Resources and Prismo Metals.

Craig Gibson – Director

Dr. Craig Gibson co-founded Prospeccion y Desarrollo Minero del Norte, S.A. de C.V. (ProDeMin) based in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2009, a consulting firm providing a broad spectrum of exploration-related services to the mining industry. Gibson is the president, CEO and director of Prismo Metals (CSE:PRIZ) and a director of Garibaldi Resources (TSXV:GGI). He is a certified professional geologist of the American Association of Professional Geologists and is a qualified person under NI 43-101.

Carmelo Marrelli – Chief Financial Officer

Carmelo Marrelli is the principal of the Marrelli Group, comprising the Marrelli Support Services, DSA Corporate Services, DSA Filing Services Limited, Marrelli Press Release Services, Marrelli Escrow Services Inc. and Marrelli Trust Company, a British Columbia financial institution. The Marrelli Group has delivered accounting, corporate secretarial and regulatory compliance services to listed companies on various exchanges for over twenty years. Marrelli is a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CA, CGA), and a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, a professional body that certifies corporate secretaries. Marrelli acts as the chief financial officer to several issuers on the TSX, TSX Venture Exchange, the NEO Exchange and CSE, as well as non-listed companies, and as a director of select issuers.

Tom Provost – Corporate Secretary and Director

Tom Provost is a lawyer at MLT Aikins LLP in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he has practiced since June 2017. His practice is focused on corporate finance, securities, mining, corporate/commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance. He regularly acts for mining issuers listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, and the Canadian Securities Exchange in connection with a broad range of matters. Before joining MLT Aikins LLP, Provost practiced as a lawyer in Montreal, Quebec at BCF LLP (from January 2016 to June 2017) and McMillan LLP (2012 to January 2016). He is the corporate secretary of the battery materials exploration company Vision Lithium (TSXV:VLI) and is a member of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association.

Lawrence Tsang, P. Geo – Vice President of Exploration

Lawrence Tsang currently serves as the exploration manager of Ascot Resources (TSX:AOT) and the technical advisor and a co-founder of Tailwinds Exploration, a private exploration company based in British Columbia. Tsang has more than 15 years of experience in the mining and metals industries in North America and has discovered several prospective projects throughout his career and successfully advanced the Premier Gold Project in BC from early exploration stage to development.

Michelle DeCecco – Director

Michelle DeCecco is the vice-president and COO of Lithium Chile (TSXV:LITH) and a director of Monumental Minerals. She has over 20 years of experience in the public mining sector specializing in capital markets, security regulations and corporate development and holds a Master in Business Administration. Throughout her career, DeCecco has been responsible for developing and executing overall corporate strategy including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships.

James Campbell – Director

James Campbell is a recently retired mining prospector and aviation executive, a former director of Gossan Resources (TSXV:GSS,FSE:GSR,XETRA:GSR), and a current member of its advisory board – stakeholder relations. He was a founding partner of Perimeter Airlines and Campbell Air, a Manitoba executive charter air service that served the mining exploration industry and First Nations in Northern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. He is a member of the board of directors of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association.

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