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Crypto Exchange Listing and Delisting Announcements: April 29, 2024

Here is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting, trading pair-related announcements by crypto exchanges that we found last week and today.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


MEXC Listings: Nyan Cat (NCAT) Vitruvian Nexus (VNPT) BitMin Wallet (BMN) Bowled (BWLD) Evercraft (ECET) KittenWifHat (KITTENWIF) Breach Bitsat (AIBIT) GODZ DAO (GODZ) Gaimin (GMRX) Defispot (SPOT) Playbux (PBUX) BRC-20 DEX (BD20) Y8U.AI (Y8U) BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN) Hemule (HEMULE) Ready to Fight (RTF) Exverse (EXVG) Speedy (SPEEDY) Gummy (GUMMY) Panda Swap (PANDA) TrumpCat (TRUMPCAT) Safe (SAFE) Planet Mojo (MOJO) Drive3 (DRV3) Maneki (MANEKI) Slerf NFT (SLERFNFT) Cosmic Network (COSMIC) RieDog (RIE) StoryFire (BLAZE) Letit Trade (LETIT) PointPay (PXP) Stake Vault Network (SVN) EarlyFans (EARLY) Worldwide Stablecoin Payment Network (WSPN) AcornBits (ACORNBITS) Ace Dog (AOG) Digital Sat (SATXAI) Star Fate (SFE) Radiant (RXD) Meson Network (MSN) The Dork Lord (DLORD) Shimmer (SMR) Durov (DUROV) CampusAI (CMAI) Garfield Cat (GCAT) WLDT Chain (WLDT) Renzo (REZ) Fluffys (FLUFF) SNORT (SNORT) Game of Memes (GOME)

KuCoin Listings: Playbux (PBUX) LightLink (LL) Safe (SAFE) Gameta (HIP) Meson Network (MSN) Realio Network (RIO)

Bitrue Listings: Safe (SAFE) Pulsara (SARA) Satoshi Nakamoto (SATOSHI) Dog Go to the Moon (DOG) Runecoin (RUNE) Maneki (MANEKI)

OKX Listings: Safe (SAFE) Meson Network (MSN)

Poloniex Listings: Maneki (MANEKI) Safe (SAFE) Artrade (ATR) Ski Mask Dog (SKI) Noggles (NOGS) Vulcan Forged (LAVA) Ducke (DUCKE) Elon (ELONETH) Meson Network (MSN) Yes But (YESBUT) CatGPT (CATGPT) Fluffys (FLUFF) Based Bunny (BUNNY) Coolman (COOL) Michi (MICHI)

CoinEx Listings: Safe (SAFE) Maneki (MANEKI) Apeiron (APRS) Pyrin Network (PYI) Fjord Foundry (FJO) Pacmoon (PAC) Ore (ORE) Fren Pet (FP) Dog Go to the Moon (DOG) Karrat (KARRAT) Playbux (PBUX) Keyboard Cat (KEYCAT) Listings: Safe (SAFE) Dog Go to the Moon (DOG) Meson Network (MSN)

BitMart Listings: CatGPT (CATGPT) Seal (SEAL) Layer One X (L1X) Garfield Cat (GARFIELD) GTA Token (GTA) Britt (BRITT) Orbitt (ORBT) Playbux (PBUX) TrumpCat (TRUMPCAT) BeaVer (BVR) Dogita (DOGITA) Maneki (MANEKI) Safe (SAFE) KittenWifHat (KITTENWIF) Baby Slerf (BABYSLERF) Speedy (SPEEDY) Fjord Foundry (FJO) Doland Tremp (TREMP) SOLBULL (SOLBULL) Scorpion (SCORP) Quby AI (QYAI) Elon (ELON) Basenji (BENJI) Bitbama (BAMA) Pandacoin Inu (PANDAS) DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON (DOG) Meson Network (MSN) Added Trading Pairs: AKTIO/USDC

LBank Listings: Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Theta Token (THETA) Merlin Chain (MERL) CatGPT (CATGPT) Meson Network (MSN) IZE Fintech Blockchain (IZE) Renzo (REZ) Golden MagFi (GMFI) WebMind Network (WMN) Bitcoin EDen Rich (BITBEDR) Columbus (COBS) Safe Token (SAFE1) Maneki (MANEKI) Ripplereum (RPRM) MO (MO) BitMinerX (BMX) Golden MagFi (GMFI) Renewable Energy Token (RETTOKEN) Pepe Neko (PEKO) Bitcoin 2 (BII) Godefi Swap (GO20) Electric Vehicle Direct Currency (EVDC) SpacePi (SPACEPI)

P2B Crypto Exchange Listings: Certicos (CERT) Black Card Coin (BCCOIN) Elon Cat Finance (ECAT) Solbull (SOLBULL) Worldwide USD (WUSD) AITTCOIN (AITT)

AscendEX Listings: Gummy (GUMMY) Maneki (MANEKI) DOTA (DOTA) Nub Cat (NUB) Father Of Meme Origin (FOMO) Keyboard Cat (KEYCAT) Noggles (NOGS) Fluffys (FLUFF) UBIX Network (UBX) Meson Network (MSN) RoboAI (RBAI) Listings: The Open Network (TON) Dogwifcoin (WIF) Listings: Karrat (KARRAT) Safe (SAFE) Maneki (MANEKI) Crow with knife (CAR) Institutional Listings: Karrat (KARRAT) Crow with knife (CAW)

DigiFinex Listings: Real Carbon Zero Integration (RZI)

FINEXBOX Listings: Arbitrum (ARB) Diamond Token (DIMT)

ProBit Listings: Unify Platform Token (UPT) Delistings: Askobar Network (ASKO) Atari (ATRI) Esports Players League (ARENA) ShipItPro (SHPP) Topcoin (TCT) U-Pick (UPK)

VinDax Listings: Puppy Coin (PUP) SD Coin (SDC) Worldwide USD (WUSD)

WazirX Listings: Cat in a dogs world (MEW)

XT Listings: Nolus Protocol (NLS) Flare Fox Inu (FLX) Space Floki (SPACEFLOKI) QuBy AI (QYAI) Property System Platform (PS)

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